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Our Mission Statement

The Littlest Lamb is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, loving and supportive home for children who have lost one or both parents. Caring for the needs of the children during their formative and adolescent years is our priority. This is achieved through a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of the children on many levels, including:

• a clean, well-equipped home

• well-balanced nutrition

• physical & emotional well-being

• fostering spiritual growth guided by Christian principles

• standard education & life skills

• child/youth centered environment where children can engage in physical activity and creative projects

The site is located just outside of Cairo, in Ahmed Orabi, within close proximity to schools, hospitals and recreation facilities. Our family, like other families, works to ensure that our children have everything they need to reach their full potential and grow to become self-sufficient adults living productive and fulfilling lives with families of their own.

How is the Littlest Lamb Unique?

• 9 acres of land, giving the children enough room to run and play, as children are meant to.

• A family style environment

• Focus on giving them a good education through University level in order to break the cycle of poverty.

• Long range goal of the children becoming contributing members of Egyptian society and leaders of the next generation.

• While they will be trained and supervised using U.S. standards, the Home will be run by Egyptians, for Egyptians.

Architectural Drawings


Prelimenary architectural drawings for the Littlest Lamb Home in Ahmad Oraby. Thanks to our architect, Mr. Maher Andrewis, for donating his time and his hard work.

The Land in Ahmad Oraby

The 9 acres of land in Ahmad Oraby, just outside of Cairo, Egypt.

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